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Book Review: Goal Digger by Alicia Dunams (and a giveaway!)


A while ago, I was contacted by Alicia Dunams. She’s the author of “Goal Digger – Lessons Learned from the Rich Men I Dated” (aff. link) and she was wondering if I would be interested in reading her book. The first thing I noticed was the word play in the title. Instead of “Gold Digger” (which my husband thought was the name of the book until I explained to him otherwise – LOL) it is “Goal Digger.”

Alicia defines “Goal Digger” as a woman who:

  • desires wealth in all areas of life
  • seeks the secrets of the millionaire mind
  • has the smarts, optimism, integrity, and passion to do it herself
  • It seems simple when you look at it in writing. But I think we all realize that if it was that simple…we’d all be filthy rich.

    First and foremost, Alicia’s book reads like you are listening to a girlfriend tell a story. She affectionately refers to the rich men she has dated with names such as Mr. Rich and Mr. Smooth.

    I bet you are thinking, “OMG – She is a gold digger. She wanted to marry a rich man!” That’s what I thought too until I read the beginning of the book. Alicia reveals that in the beginning, she did want to marry a millionaire. Along the way, though, she decided that she wanted to be one herself. She has various little Millionaire Memos throughout the book and this one sums up her attitude, “Why marry a millionaire when you could just think like one. Better yet, you could be your own millionaire.”

    In a nutshell, “Goal Digger” details the things she learned from these rich men – things that helped her to become financially successful. So the book ends up being part memoir and part self-help book. There are even exercises that you can go through to help get you thinking like a millionaire.

    One section I really enjoyed was the power of words, also known as the abracadabra principle. As a blogger and an avid reader of blogs, I know how powerful words are. The goal is to try to remove those negative words in life (like “I can’t” or “never”) and replace them with positive and powerful words. Some positive thinking can go a long way.

    Related to that section is one about saying, “What If.” According to Alicia, rich men don’t ask, “What if?” They ask, “Why not?” The big difference is that “What if?” implies a lot of fear. “Why not?” implies a lot of confidence. You will always have some fear, but the key is to shift your way of thinking to be more like a millionaire’s mind.

    I always enjoy books that make me think and help me to realize a few things that I do that might be holding me back. This book did that. While reading it, I became very self-reflective and looked deeper into myself. A big problem that a few of you reading have pointed out is that I still have the mindset of a poor person. It’s not something that has been easy for me to change – it’s a work in progress.

    If you are looking for a book that is entertaining, easy to read and will challenge you to think in new ways (and help you to think like a millionaire!), then you may want to read this book. I have learned quite a few things, but now it’s up to me to put them into action. Before I can do that, I need to mull over things for a while. This book definitely gave me a lot of food-for-thought.

    For more about Alicia and her book, you can visit her site at GoalDigger.com. And, you can also sneak a peek at an interview I did over at her blog.

    Now, here’s the part I always enjoy. I’m giving away the copy I received from Alicia!

    To be considered, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post sharing the first thing that comes to mind when you read the word, “millionaire.”

    The deadline to enter is 11:00pm EST on Monday, October 22, 2007. I will use random.org to select one random commenter. I will announce the name on here no later than Wednesday, October 24, 2007 as well as email the commenter. At that time the commenter will need to email me back to confirm their address (US addresses only, please). If I do not hear back from the commenter selected by midnight on Monday, October 29, 2007, I will randomly select another commenter. Your chances of having your comment selected will depend on the number of comments received and only one comment per person please.

    So…what’s the first thing that you think of when you read the word, “millionaire?”


  • Reply James |

    When I hear “millionair” I think luck. The luck to be born into money, to understand what it takes to create wealth, or to win the money from some outlandish lottery of some sort. Also, the term “unreachable” comes to mind.

  • Reply Dan |

    When I hear millionaire, I think of the choices, options being a millionaire would provide from being able to work for a non-profit/cause for a low salary to starting my own business.

  • Reply Brandi |

    When I hear millionaire, I think stay-at-home mom because that’s what we’d have to be at my house to be able to make that dream happen 🙂

  • Reply wealthy_1 |

    When I hear the word millionaire I think fundamentals. I think of someone who understands that fundamentals are simple, but they are not easy. For example, to get out of debt spend less than you earn and save a portion of your income. The concept is very simple, but it’s not easy to do. Another example is healthy living. If you want to lose weight, eat less calories and move more. Again, basic, simple concept, but challenging to master. To me a millionaire has mastered concepts like these. They are a way of life for her, her lifestyle.

  • Reply Colleen |

    Millionaire – After paying off my debt I’d have so much money to share with the less fortunate!

  • Reply wealthy_1 |


    I just read your interview with Alicia. It’s very inspiring. I can relate to your answer to her last question about the difference between the sexes’ relationship with money. Up until now I have been a small thinker and small thinking meant making way too many small purchases on my credit card and thinking, “It’s not that much. I can pay that off.” Then the bill would come, and I had accumulated so much that I couldn’t pay it off.

    I really enjoyed your interview. Continued success!

  • Reply KimberlyHMN |

    I agree with the other commenters, when I see the word MILLIONAIRE all I can think is FREEDOM!

  • Reply Charlie |

    “Millionaire” always brings up 2 words with me. Discipline and control, 2 things that I have “finally” discovered aren’t static but forever dynamic. You are either gaining or not. It’s kind of like the river. To be a millionaire I’d have to have developed those 2 traits to a respectable level.

  • Reply RLS |

    “Millionaire” Smart,driven,dedicated and visionary are what the word make come to my mind

  • Reply Lindsie |

    When I hear millionaire I think freedom…freedom from debt and freedom from the rat race.

  • Reply thisisbeth |

    I immediately thought of two words: Desire and Freedom. I desire to be a millionaire, and while a millionaire wouldn’t give me complete freedom to do whatever I want, it would allow me to pursue other things–like a new job that might not be as high in pay but much more enjoyable for me, or perhaps the freedom to go to school to find out what sort of job I would enjoy.

  • Reply Kathryn |

    When I see someone is a millionaire the green-eyed monster tries to emerge and I hear a whiny, resentful voice saying, “lucky”.

    That’s not the life I ever expected to live. Nor do I believe it. I’ve known millionaires, not too many, but more than a couple. Some I saw before they made the millions. Two made millions selling their company the others quietly plugged away year after year.

    The basic thread in all their stories was their vision and follow through. I’d forgotten that … and I’d forgotten myself. I no longer desire to be a resentful person. I can do as great does and get the same results. Thanks for reminding me of that simple and essential thought.

  • Reply Rob in Madrid |

    “millionaire.” money in the bank, we are finally starting to crawl out of the hole from an unexpected expenses. Starting next month we should finally have some money in the bank

  • Reply Jaye |

    Hmmm…first, yes, “lucky.” Then I add on “but do-able.” The truth is, I think I’m still mired in my childhood, when having $1 m was a huge amount of money. Now? I have three kids to get through college plus retirement. Yikes. I’m still hoping to get there.

  • Reply Michelle |

    I think of FREEDOM! And I would be about five years earlier to get to go to school.

  • Reply Mar |

    Perseverance, quickly followed by determination and freedom. Some people are born into money and others win it, but I think most millionaires earn it or at least work to keep what they inherited. Luck plays a part as well – no major illnesses or accidents, having the idea that made the money in the first place, buying a home in the right neighborhood (wish I had done THAT 17 years ago because it would be just about paid off and I would not have had to move to a much better neighborhood when our old one went downhill).

  • Reply Alicia Dunams |


    Alicia Dunams here. Author of Goal Digger.

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    Go to http://richgirlguide.com, register and leave your comments on YOUR SECRETS TO SUCCESS.

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  • Reply GH |

    The first thing I think of is the old TV show where an anonymous donor gives a random person a million dollars…. and then showed how it (usually) ruined the recipient’s life. (I’m really not a pessimist.)

  • Reply Mary |

    Not sure that I actually want to be a millionaire. I just want to live a comfortable, debt-free life.

  • Reply Susan |

    there are so many billionaires these days, having a million seems almost quaint. certainly not the awesome thing it was, say, 30 years ago. having said that, a million would be just perfect for me – more than enough to pay off all my debt, fix up my house and fund a comfortable retirement….in short, all my financial worries would be over and the little knot of tension in my stomach would finally dissolve ….i should read this book!!

  • Reply Chris in Cali |

    Millionaire debtor! I’m in southern california and I thought all these people were millionaires until I read the book “The Millionaire Next Door.” It opened my eyes to the fact that most millionaires are pretty low-key and the people that “look rich” are usually debtors. I’m seeking to change my mindset to THAT… real wealth/security as opposed to surface wealth (just an illusion).

So, what do you think ?