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No Credit Needed’s Interview on Clark Howard Segment


Yesterday, I shared with all of you that NCN over at No Credit Needed was going to be on TV.

Here’s the link to the interview:

WSB-TV 2 Atlanta Clark Howard Segment – Climbing Out of Debt

Congrats NCN (a.k.a. Jason :)) on the interview. You did a great job!!

Also, thanks to the show for giving a glimpse of Blogging Away Debt. It was one of those…”Hey, that’s me!” moments. It still is sometimes surreal that anyone with an internet connection can stumble across my blog and read about our financial life. The internet really is an amazing thing.


  • Reply Stephanie @ PoorerThanYou |

    Boy, do I ever know that “Hey, that’s me!” moment – I just had it too! Clearly they picked up those of from the Times article in February – still gave me shivers though! (Also shows off my shiny new site ;))

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