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Want to Start Using Quicken? Need a Copy?


I believe that one of the greatest tools that I have ever owned is Quicken. Now, it could be any computer program that helps you keep track of your check register and keep track of your spending. For me, I started with Quicken 98 and went from there. Not too long ago I upgraded to Quicken 2005.

While I was doing some shopping, I was able to find copies of Quicken 2005 to give away. These are brand new and registerable…they are only a few versions old. The program will run on PCs that run XP, 2000, ME and 98. To see the full list of specs, please click here. Why not brand new? Well, for basic keeping track of your money, this older version does just fine and it costs a lot less. The deal I found was very good.

I purchased a total of 6 copies of Quicken 2005 and I am giving away 5. Why not 6? Well, along with this gift, I am offering my support to help you get set up to use it. I currently run Quicken 2005 for Mac, and to be able to help you as much as I can it helps to have the same version (the Mac and Windows version are actually quite different). As you are working to set it up, I will be an email away to answer your questions and help you get started with the basic set-up and use of Quicken.

Now, if you are interested in receiving a copy, please leave a comment below on this post sharing with me your committment to learning the program and setting it up. While I am offering to help you, you will have to do your part with making this work. I can’t set everything up for you. I will ship the program to you free of charge to US addresses only. I do have the complete boxes, but if you don’t mind I’d like to ship the disk and a little QuickStart guide to you and toss the box to save on shipping costs (the manual is on the disk in .pdf form). If you *really* want the box, let me know. If something should happen where you receive the program damaged or it gets lost, I cannot replace it. So far, everything I’ve sent out has made it to its destination *knock on wood*.

I will use random.org to select five random numbers. In the event that the randomizer selects some of the same numbers, I will pick others to have five different numbers. Those numbers will correspond with comments and that will determine the commenters who will receive the books.

I will accept comments on this post until 11pm EST on Wednesday, February 21, 2007. I will announce the winners on Thursday, February 22, 2007. If after I email the winners I do not hear back from them by Monday, February 26, 2007 with a shipping address, I will select another number(s).

And so you know, just like if you subscribe to my updates via email, I will never use your email or address for anything other than what they were provided for.

If you have questions, please contact me via email at bloggingawaydebt [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please do not leave a comment to ask a question – we’ll keep that for the entries.

Thanks! πŸ™‚

NOTE: The version here is not for Mac. The specs needed are listed above in bold


  • Reply April |

    I would love to learn Quicken. I also use an excel spreadsheet. I am all for anything that saves time.

  • Reply Bryan C. Fleming |

    That’s very nice of you. Don’t send it to me, if my name comes up pick someone else. I use MS money.

    You’re 100% right, these old programs are great for tracking expenses. That’s the only thing you really need to be doing with them anyway.

    – Bryan

  • Reply Adrienne |

    I use home-brewed Excel spreadsheets in combination with SplashMoney. However, I recently purchased my first home and I need a way to track my portfolio, interest, taxes, etc. Winning a copy of Quicken would definitely assist me in this endeavor.

    PS – Great blog, read it everyday!

  • Reply Amanda |

    I would love to use Quicken. I’m another that uses Excel spreadsheets — and I just upgraded to those recently. Before that it was all on paper. πŸ™‚

  • Reply Rich |

    I would love a copy of Quicken 2005! They are turning off online services for Quicken 2004 which I use now and I need an upgrade but don’t have the money to spend!

  • Reply Missy |

    What a great way to help people. And, I love your site. I am a teacher and am currently substitute teaching in an effort to get full time employment. (no benefits, no vacation pay!). I am getting married at the end of May and my future husband has no idea that I am currently about $10,000 in debt. I don’t want to tell him, I just want to pay it off myself. Quicken could probably help me organize things alittle better than the excel worksheet I currently use so please, put me on your list. THANKS!

  • Reply Marcel |

    A very good, (and cheap) alternative is GnuCash. It has the same functionality as Quicken, but is totally free (Freeware). It runs on the various (Free!) linux distributions!

  • Reply Vijay |


    What do you think of Quicken 2002? I’m got on my computer already… is it worth it to goto the latest version of Quicken? or stick with 2002?

    Please put me in the drawing for Quicken 2005! Thanks?


  • Reply Sonja |

    I want one too. I just recently started reading money/dept blogs and found out how good of a program Quicken is. I’m just starting a job in few days and was going to buy the program out of my first paycheck.

    I’m sure the first paycheck will be very stretched since we are also moving so a free copy would really come in handy.

  • Reply Erin |

    I’d love a copy! My goal this year is to finally have a budget and write down what I spend … but I’ve been doing it on paper!

  • Reply Cindy Weller |

    I would love a copy of Quicken 2005 for mac. Hopefully you draw my name, although my luck at winning anything isn’t the best. Thanks!

    [EDIT – Removed from drawing with commenter permission]

  • Reply Mandi |

    Tricia, I’d like to be entered in this as well. But I have to admit that it is more for my mother in law than for me. I just purchased Quicken 2006 about three months ago and love it. But I cannot legally put it on her computer and she wants a copy as well.

    Thank so much for this blog. This really helps others to look up when things are down.


  • Reply Joseph |

    I’d love to be entered. I’m also a mac person, as well, so it’s even better. Great website going on!

  • Reply Nick |

    I’d love a copy! I’m starting college this year and I want to manage my money so I don’t fall into the bad debt most college students are lured into.

  • Reply Dave |

    I don’t need a copy (already have it), but I’m not real adept at using it. I’d love to get some guidance on how to really use it to it’s potential to help me pay down my debt & increase my net worth. Are you going to post info on how to use it on your blog, or just help the 5 lucky winners?

  • Reply Sandy |

    I’d love to learn to use Quicken. I need help with handling money. I just retired, am on a fixed income and still spending (sigh). Right now I keep track of checks I wrote either in my head or scribbled on the back of check book.

  • Reply Kim |

    I just want to learn how to use the Quicken Deluxe 2006 that I have. I have 2 kids under 5 that make it impossible to learn with all of the interuptions. Anyone have any suggestions? I would love to attend a class or something. Am I making this too hard? I just don’t know where to get started. I need help!!!

  • Reply Lindsay |

    I’d love a copy of Quicken. I’m a soon to graduate law student in an obscene amount of debt. And — dirty little secret — I can’t remember the last time I balanced my checkbook…or even recorded a check in it. But I’m trying to get better and do everything on the computer already, so…I’d love a copy of Quicken! Thanks, Lindsay

  • Reply Priti |

    Hi, I would love to have a copy of Quicken. I too, like the above person, have a lot of trouble tracking my money and balancing my checkbook. I look forward to reading your blog and learning more about finances πŸ™‚


  • Reply Amanda |

    We are in so much debt! This would be a great tool to help my husband and I keep track of our expenses and finances and maybe finally start breathing again and not wondering when it will all collapse!

  • Reply Sirish |

    It will never be easier than now to concentrate and take risks in finance. This is because i am 23, single, still in univ doing my graduate study. I want to create a financial management infrastructure for myself and so far i am done setting up my daily banking, savings and investment accounts. At the home front, i now use excel sheets to track every penny i spend( which i have been doing since 3 months for now). Leveraging into Quicken from excel will bring even my bank accounts, savings and investment accounts also into a visible framework which is why i am craving for the free copy of quicken at the expense of your generosity. Please give me a free copy of Quicken.

  • Reply sthomson |

    I have been shopping around for good personal finance software for a few months now. Quicken would be nice; right now I’m just using an Excel spreadsheet. I have a big car loan that I really want to pay off, as well as student loan debt, and I want to start saving for a mortgage down payment, but with Excel it’s hard to track how much I can put in each pot each month!

  • Reply K. Wood Nolan |

    I’d love to be entered into the drawing – I’m attempting to pay off all of my cards as well as save for a new home. πŸ™‚

  • Reply Laura |

    Hi! I’d like to be in the running for Quicken — my husband would like to start using it and he’d be especially happy if I found him a copy at no cost. πŸ˜‰

  • Reply Olga M. |


    I am at the beginning of my “get out of debt” road. It would be really nice to receive a copy of Quicken!!!

  • Reply Micah Langseth |

    Great site, first time poster. Quicken would help my lazy bum get more involved with the finances. My wife does the bills but has always wanted me to show more interest. So this would be the first step to getting in finacial shape. (Yeah, wish us luck working together on this, it will either go great or….)

  • Reply carrie |

    Hi! We just recently bought a house and need to get organized about money. It is one of my goals this year to do this and was in the midst of researching the products out there. MSMoney and Quicken are the only two that integrate with my online banking. What a nice gesture. Thank you!

  • Reply Colleen |

    Once again I find myself in debt (to the tune of $44,000 in credit cards alone.) I think Quicken might help me figure out where my cash is really going, and not where I think it is going! This will be my third or fourth endeavor at getting out of credit card debt. I have in the past refinanced to do so, but at my age, am refusing to do this again.

  • Reply Corey |

    Great web site. I’m hopeful this will be the year to get out of debt. It would be fantastic to get a copy of Quicken to help with the finances.

  • Reply Arthur |

    Wow. Very generous of you and probably not the best way to get out of debt, but we’ll take it.

    I try using excel spreadsheets, but they get too messy, then I just quit trying to keep track of expenses. Then I’ll start back up after a few months and repeat the process. Maybe Quicken would help? I realize the problem lies deeper, but this might be a good first step.

  • Reply Scott Helmick |

    I am trying to track my expenses and pay down debt. I am trying to not to borrow to be put in debt. Enter my name into the drawing for the Quicken software.


  • Reply Amit |

    Thanks for the great & generous offer.

    I have been using personalised excel sheets till now. Quicken would be a more professional way of tracking & managing finances.

    Please include my name in your drawing.

  • Reply Ashley |

    We definitely need Quicken and would be very grateful to receive a copy from you. We are trying to get rid of our debt using the Dave Ramsey “Debt Snowball” and have managed to whittle the list down from 10 to 4… but one setback is that no matter how many times we try to keep our checking account balanced and communicate with each other (my husband and I) over our expenses, we have had to pay a total of $400 in NSF fees over the past month. Talk about frustrating. With a 15 month old baby, that money could have definitely gone to better things (or squared away $400 of debt!). Just found the blog and love it so far. Marked as a favorite now. Thanks!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Hi Ashley,

    Sorry…but all of the copies were given away and the deadline was in February. I’d like to do something like this again in the future (unfortunately, I cannot guarantee it). So please stay tuned in case I can do it.

  • Reply Mil |

    I’m very good with computers and I find that an excel spreadsheet is simpler for a balance sheet than Quicken (Which I have but don’t use). You can download one off the Microsoft site that does all the calculations for you. Quicken isn’t all that great. If you’re going to go that route though, I would suggest Quickbooks.

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