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Hope’s Fall 2017 Monthly Budget


Without further ado, my new monthly budget.

DescriptionMonthly Budget
Health Insurance$305
Auto (gas & maintenance)$300
Auto/Rent Insurance$130
Gym Membership$50
Bill (paid annually)
Life Insurance$22

Some important things to note.  This budget does not include my business expenses, or rather bills I pay out of my business account and use for tax purposes including but not limited to my cell phone bill ($286 monthly,) Adobe Suite membership ($29 monthly,) Microsoft Office ($99 annually,) Dropbox ($99 annually) and so on.  I have completely separated my personal and business expenses since I am working full time as a employee while continuing to work as a contractor.

My income is still pretty variable but the bulk of my income comes from my full time corporate job and a steady consulting job where I work 25ish hours per week.  I currently have 4 sources of steady income and continue to pick up odd jobs. My  income since March of this year has averaged about $6,000 per month.  This is post-deductions for my W-2 full time job and pre-deductions and tax for my consulting jobs.

Now, with that being said, I already know there are changes coming to this budget…first, my deferment ends on my student loans in September at which time I will start paying a minimum of $305 per month AND per my last post, I am beginning to invest in my company sponsored 401K beginning this next pay period.

I did read all your advice and while I get more educated and review all options, I did cut back my 401K from my originally planned 20% to 10%.  I am going to look at Roth IRAs, etc. over the next couple of months, and continue to build my local savings account.

I think most of my budget is self-explanatory, but here are a few notes:

  • I now have to pay for Little Gymnasts training. Ouch!  No more barter. The monthly cost is not quite $300 but I put some buffer in there to help cover the meet fees which will run most of the winter while he is competing.
  • While my commute to work is only 12 miles, I have a two hour round trip 3-4 times a week for gymnast training, thus the higher gas cost.
  • I opted out of the company sponsored health insurance due to its cost and limitations and instead chose to go with a Christian based medical sharing company.  That is the month healthcare cost for the four of us (History Buff is now working full time.)  I do have dental and vision through my corporate job for a very reasonable cost for the entire family.
  • I know $200 is a lot for entertainment. It’s really more a buffer for odds and ends right now.  Sports for the kids and misc housing costs as we continue to settle into our new home. (For instance, I have to buy Sea Cadet a bed this month before he returns from being gone all summer, working at summer camp.)

I will try to be responsive to questions. I know I have tightening up to do. I’ve recently pulled all my credit reports – ugh! So will get a debt update up in the next couple of weeks.



I thought the kids Medicare might carry over for a few months while I got settled in at the new job and decided on new health insurance, but because we moved states it will only cover emergency room visits. I could apply to move it to GA but with my new job and income, I no longer need too. Yippeee!!!

I am keeping it for emergencies while I get everything settled, but now I have to figure out what to do. Here are my options as I see them:

  • Sign up under my corporate sponsored healthcare at about $700 per month with a $40 co pay and $6000 deductible for in-network. It would not take affect until May 1.
  • Evaluate plans under Obamacare’s website if that is still a thing.
  • Sign up for Samaritans Ministries or something similar. From a quick query, this would run me about $320 a month for all 4 of us.

I know health insurance talks can be like beating a dead horse, but I certainly want to hear what the BAD community has to share about these options.

I have already opted to go with the corporately sponsored vision and dental options.  The costs are nominal, coverage decent and with three of us wearing glasses, we will definitely take advantage of it.  (Back in VA, we went to a dental school for our dental coverage, but living in the boondocks now, that is not a convenient option.)

By the way, second day at the new job complete.  It’s going great. I have my own office, my boss took me to lunch today and my co-workers are all really nice. I’m getting up at 5am and spending an hour at the gym before getting in a couple of hours at my contract jobs then I show up to work a little after 8am.  I’m hoping that by doing this I keep my nights and weekends as free as possible to spend time with the kids. Oh, and I’m down TWO pant sizes as I found out when I went to buy new jeans tonight.  Woot, woot!

Eek! Healthcare!


I’ve been hanging on budget wise by the hair on my chinny chin chin. Added healthcare and daycare eat up everything we were applying to debt. Add diapers, wipes, and therapeutic wine, and the budget is pretty tight.

I’d been holding on, waiting to hit my milestone year at work. Once past the milestone, healthcare costs are greatly reduced – we’re talking a couple hundred a month.

…Until they released the 2012 rates and took away milestone benefits for longtime employees. My benefit package is nearly $200 more than I budgeted each month.

Sure, I get it. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and I can’t expect my employer to cover it, but I was oh so sad to hear about the rate adjustment.

Hubby and I have to sit down and take a hard look at what we can adjust. I’m just hoping for a raise to clear the difference so we won’t have to cut the food budget. I’m not ready for a season of Ramen… again.

Let’s talk about healthcare costs…


I’m considering looking for a new job. But one of the biggest things that holds me back is healthcare – and sadly, healthcare is the reason some of my co-workers stay as well. My total cost for healthcare, regardless of how many children I have, will be $80 each month when I hit my milestone this year.

Obviously, if I can get a higher salary, it will offset my loss, but I’m curious…

if you pay for your family’s healthcare through work, how much are you paying?

I’m NOT looking to start a political debate on healthcare so please don’t talk about government or politics.

Healthcare… Eek!


I contacted HR about adding my son to my healthcare plan. It’s significantly less expensive through my employer than through my husband’s and, since I will hit a milestone marker of employment at the end of the year, it will drop to even less.

BUT, today, I’m cutting a check for…



At my milestone, it will drop to $80 each month for both of us.

It’s all about hanging on until I get to the milestone marker.

Last Dad Update… I Promise


OK, so this will be my last update about my dad (other than a sentence or two when he recovers). If this were to turn into a ‘my dad is in the hospital’ blog, it may get a little boring for you guys… er well, MORE boring.

My older sister went to visit my dad a few times this week. Each time she walked in, his blood pressure went up. I had the opposite effect. When I visit dad and start talking about trips abroad or my work, his blood pressure drops so low, all the monitoring alarms go off.

It’s nice to know I’m so boring I can practically induce a coma.

Despite my (and my sister’s) ill effects, dad was moved out of ICU this afternoon. We’re heading in the right direction.


Thank you so much for all your prayers and words of encouragement. I REALLY appreciate them.

Can’t Afford Healthcare?…


My mother asked for three things this Christmas:

Legal Will
Life Insurance

(Hmm. Maybe she DOES actually read my blog?)

My dad bought her healthcare – effective January 1st…

And they say romance is dead.

Last Friday, my father was admitted to the ICU. I didn’t panic. I didn’t cry. I drove to the hospital.

I told my sister to knock off the crying, told my mom everything would be fine, and begged my brothers to not get us kicked out of the ICU for talking too loud. We laughed, we made jokes, and weirdly enough, had a good time with dad.

At no point was I fearful or sad.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon watching the football games on the tiny ICU television. At night, we all sat around my dad’s hospital bed and worked out who would cover his work schedule the following week.

Sunday, I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home, did laundry, drove my brother to the airport, and cooked dinner.

Monday, my dad was scheduled for a quadruple bypass at 10AM. I arrived at 9:30 so I could give him a hug before they wheeled him out.

My brothers, sisters, mom, and I played dice games, argued about who was hotter between McDreamy and McSteamy, ate a lot of hospital food, and read grimy hospital magazines.

12 ½ hours later, they wheeled my dad into post-op.

I hugged mom, told her all would be fine, and drove home.

I put on my pajamas, washed my face, crawled in bed…

And absolutely fell apart.

The reality of the situation finally hit. My poor husband didn’t know whether to hug me… or have me breathe into a paper bag.

Dad is still in critical condition and my mom is a mess but you know what she isn’t worried about?


It’s not that you can’t afford it…

You can’t afford to go without it.