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Labor Day!


Hubby, Baby Boy, and I went to spend the day at my parent’s house for Labor Day. My sister and her family came over as well as my sister-in-law and her kiddos (her husband/my brother has been shipped out to fight another fire).There is always something so relaxing about the craziness of that house. We all seem to yell *cough* talk over one another while pots and pans bang in the kitchen as dinner is being prepared. We spent a good portion of the meal prep talking about the free workout, the Butt Bible, available on our cable network. All of us are too frugal to have gym memberships so we compare notes on any free workouts. Considering the fact that all us girls could hardly walk without wincing in pain, we gave it a thumbs up.

After dinner and dishes were done, gramps and I watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians. OK, so maybe he wasn’t watching. He was chatting about his recent trip to visit our family in Washington state. Hmmm. Great idea for a future cheap vacation?

Before leaving, I robbed grandma of all her garden grown veggies and a loaf of fresh baked zucchini bread. One less trip to the grocery store!



Every summer, our home is invaded by eight legged critters. It hasn’t bothered me much in the past. A bite or two here or there isn’t too bad. This summer, the spiders decided I was particularly tasty and I’m on my second set of welts.

On Sunday, I went to visit my parents and my mother noticed the nasty bites on my arm. My mother and grandmother rubbed soothing balm to reduce the swelling and stop the itch.

I was considering calling a pest control company but I’m trying my best to spend as little as possible these days. Plus, I’m the only one who gets bit so it seems a bit ridiculous to spend lots money to save myself a few days of itching.

Today, my dad came over toting his sprayer and a heavy dose of insecticides. I think he knew I was too frugal to call a pest control company and figured he’d take care of it for me.

Turns out, you’re never too old to think your dad is superman.

Change in Spending Habits?


When I found out we were going to have a baby, I was fearful about this news affecting my spending habits. I was terrified I would run to Gap or Old Navy and buy cartfuls of cutesy outfits for our future progeny.

A few months passed and I still found myself easily able to walk by any and all baby sections without even a slight draw toward them. I thought, perhaps it’s because the baby didn’t seem real to me and after we actually saw the first ultrasound, that was when I would go crazy with spending.

Four and a half months in, an ultrasound and a heartbeat later, and I still have yet to spend a dime.

Sure, I glance around Craigslist for killer deals on baby furniture (I haven’t found anything) but I have yet to feel the need to spend.

I thought it was just me. Maybe I’m simply too cheap? Then, late one night as my husband was rubbing my little belly, he said, ‘I hope we have a boy.’ I smiled at my ‘macho’ man who wants his ‘manly’ boy until he said, ‘We can get way more hand-me-downs if we have a boy.’

The realization that he’s becoming fearfully frugal brought a tear of joy to my eye *wink*.

Maybe things will be different when the kid arrives. Maybe I’ll feel the need to spend, spend, spend. But for now, I’ll keep plugging away at my debt and worry about cartfuls of clothing later.

Offbeat Frugality…


OK, OK, so the last money saving article I read wasn’t exactly helpful and I was a bit snarky in my comments about it soooo…

I decided to share an article from WalletPop to make up for it. Aaron Crowe wrote about 10 offbeat ways to be frugal and *gasp*, I liked it. Some suggestions were actually helpful! I particularly liked the way he said, ‘frugal is still the new black.’

That’s right folks, he said we’re cool.

Check out the article here.

Stop Acting Rich…


Or so says Thomas Stanley’s August 19th blog (and his newest book) – and I love the title.

Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door, must be a fan of mine. His most recent two blogs talk about frugal folks who shop at thrift stores for clothing and come home with remarkable finds.

I mean really, why wouldn’t a NY Times bestselling author read my blog?

Don’t answer that.

My favorite quote stolen from this blog series: “Any idiot can pay full price”

But if you have time (time AFTER you read my blog of course), check out his at http://www.thomasjstanley.com/blog.php.

Learning from the Financial Wisdom of Family…


My sister is visiting from Kansas City with her husband and four kids for the next two weeks. I’d love the fact that she visits more if she wasn’t… so… well…


She’s debt free other than her mortgage – and even then, she’s paying it aggressively. I’d love to tell you that her husband makes loads of money and that’s how she’s able to be a stay at home mom to four kids and remain debt free but…

He doesn’t.

My sister has found ways to live below her means and actively seeks new methods to spend less. She purchases clothing and toys for the kids at garage sales in nice neighborhoods then resells them when the kids outgrow them (sometimes, she actually MAKES money on this!), doesn’t waste money on cable TV or other ‘necessities’, drives an older yet reliable car, and she cooks fabulous inexpensive meals at home (my home cooked meals are inexpensive but they are far from fabulous).

She’s the annoyingly good at being frugal but not cheap.

Naturally, I spend this time around her basking in her infinite financial wisdom, asking questions, and learning from her example…

…and I am also the queen of England.

Sorry folks, sibling rivalry is alive and well.

So, I do the second best thing, I make my mom ask the questions and I pretend not to listen.

My advice, befriend someone frugal – even if it is your sister. I find that I don’t learn as much from the books or the internet as I do from those who may not have it all figured out, but they do a pretty darn good job.

Little Rewards for Big Financial Steps…


In case you missed it…

We paid off our credit card last week.

We’re still working on my husband’s truck loan and the student loan but we promised ourselves little rewards for each payoff. It’s a good way to stay motivated when finishing a long stretch before starting yet another long stretch.

Surprisingly, my husband suggested a night out (surprising because I expected him to suggest something more along the lines of a macho flat screen TV or a beefy new grill). We purchased tickets to see Spamalot at the Civic Theater downtown. The tickets were $17 each (we sit in the nosebleed seats) and with dinner, we’ll likely spend a total of $100.

We get a one night break and it’s off to frugality again.