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What Can I Do Right Now?


This week I am enjoying 2 kid free hours a day.  And that NEVER happens!  While most of that time has been spent working, this morning I had a few down hours.  I piddled with watering the plants, cleaning out the dog crates and washing their blankets and then I realized that I could do something right now to work towards my debt re-payment!

So for the next hour, the last I had kid free for the day, I spent listing found items on ebay….I’m going to make a killing…well, at least in light of my debt pay off it will be because every extra dollar gets me that much closer to my goal!

What are things you do in those rare down times to help you financially?

Note: By found item I means things that have been sitting around my house gathering dust that I keep saying I’m going to do something with.  Well, today I did it, they are all up for sale…old Nintendo 64 games, older iPod Touch, picture frames.

The Move


Several of you asked about my budgeting for my March 30 move.  I will be using the same movers I’ve used in the last two moves that are both reliable and very reasonable.  They charge $95 per hour for a three man crew.  They are insured and have good reviews.   I have so minimized my stuff I can’t even begin to tell you!  I spent today packing the kitchen and have another car load of things to sell and donate.  If I haven’t used it in a year…it went.  I have set aside $700 (much of that coming from the difference in rent due April 1) for the movers which I think is a significant over estimate.  When we moved into this house we essentially had two households and even had to make two trips b/c their truck wasn’t large enough to take everything in one run.  I remember clearly that we paid $850 and I remember being so impressed with the cost because it was near 9 hours that day. I just don’t see this move taking all day.  We had 100+ boxes that last move (!!!) and I’m guess-timating no more than 40 this time.  I hope to come in closer to 30.  There isn’t much furniture left with just my 3 piece living room set with two end tables, the kids bedroom sets (3 pieces each), my King size bed and the scary dresser.  There is a folding table serving as our dining table for now.  I have the frig that will be stored in my garage at the apartment.  I confirmed I can plug it in to the garage plug (and I don’t pay for electricity in the garage) and we can have a back up fridge.  I like having a lot of freezer space b/c I cook a lot and freeze.

All in all, I feel nothing but relief as I find myself with less stuff.  The sermon this morning at church was about consumerism.  The priest made such valid points about all of the empty things we chase trying to find fulfillment when really it is all very simple–and the answer is not in a new television set.

I sincerely feel like this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now.  I think I AM supposed to be slightly uncomfortable as I undo my past mistakes.  I think I am supposed to cringe a bit as I think about where I am at right now.  I am working hard to find motivation in the positive position it puts me in as I move forward.  It isn’t always easy as there is a very real sense of shame about everything but most days I do okay.

I sense there are many readers out there who are still in a hopeless situation about their debt.  If that’s you, go back and read some of my early posts and see where I’ve come in just 12 months (March 1 was my one year anniversary as the blogger on this site).  I hope you find encouragement in what you read.  Remember it could always be worse and you do have something to be grateful for in this world.  That could be family or your job or whatever…but we all have something.  Take a baby step today and watch how you gain momentum.  While I do not recommend going through a SECOND divorce as you are trying to dig out, I can say the divorce is very likely the best thing that could have happened to me on my debt journey.  I am excited to see where I will be in just another 12 months!

Happy Sunday.



Sold Gold


My grocery store has this cheesy kiosk place that buys gold and silver.  My clean up of jewelry had yielded some completely random (dare I say hideous?!) gold jewelry items that I didn’t think would sell on ebay.  It was a trip down memory lane to even see this stuff as they were gifts from high school boyfriends.  I was definitely not wearing them anymore.  So before flying out on business this afternoon and right before an orthodontist appointment for DD, I ran into the store to see what I could get for this gold.  I had done a little research online but I wasn’t going to kill myself wondering if I could get something better out there with these particular item for a whole host of reasons.  I ended up selling 6 pieces (2 chains, 2 rings, a pair of earrings and a pendant) for $480!  I was hoping for $250 so that was a pleasant surprise!  This money has gone straight to the IRS fund. 

The final for 3 items on Ebay was $534–after fees and postage.  Adding this to my gold sale brings the IRS fund to $1014.  I threw in $1.00 (lol!) and the IRS fund is at $2,165.  I am so proud!!!  I still need to figure out options on selling my wedding rings but this progress feels good.

I also thought of another (hopeful) source of income that I will NOT count before hatching, but my company gives us bonuses at the end of February.  We will find out in mid February what the amount is and then it is paid on February 23.  While I had hoped I could put any bonus dollars toward my regular debt, that was not in the cards I suppose.  I’ll still push forward on “finding” money but at least the bonus is another way to avoid new debt and stay on track.

Updated Numbers


I’ve updated the debt and savings numbers.  I am overjoyed to only owe Bank of America $7.954!  I’m also excited about my extremely low signature loan rate but still somehow more thrilled about the Bank of America aspect.  Whatever motivates you, right?!  While the overall debt amount remains unchanged the savings in interest is no small gift!  I am motivated!

And it’s a good thing I am because I owe $3,950 to the IRS by March 28, 2013. Totally stinks that adding that in takes me back up to $45K in debt but it is short term (very short term…76 days in fact) and I have at least a partial plan to attack.  My goal is to “find” money to put toward that without detouring from my regular monthly debt payments. 

I have moved $1,150 from my emergency fund because I had stockpiled that for taxes when I learned of the debt. Please note:  I have created a separate “asset” item called the IRS savings account but for some reason it isn’t showing up on the sidebar.  I’ve got an email out to Jeffrey for a solution.  I received a small commission check from Pampered Chef for $100 and I sold some of the kids’ clothes at resale shops for $80.  I found a lot of random things to sell and they are selling.  As of now, I have $300 coming in from Ebay.  There’s sterling silver jewelry, purses, kids’ items, craft items and they all have bids. I do not yet have that $300 added into my IRS savings.  So I am currently at $1,330, $2,620 to go.  I really pray that I will get at least that for my wedding ring.  It is a 1-carat princess cut diamond, platinum setting that I have all the documentation for including the receipt showing the $7,000 paid for it and the appraisal at right around $10K.  I have zero emotional attachment to this ring and will spend a little time getting as much as I can but honestly–I’ll be happy if the tax debt is paid.  I do want to share for the record that I did not participate in the selection of this ring at all.  Zero input.  I wanted a plain band, no diamonds and was never very comfortable wearing the ring.  That’s not bitterness talking…just the truth.  The ring only lost more appeal when I learned of the 401K withdraw used to buy it. 

Anyway,  I have two real food workshops on the books for January with prospects for a few more.  I’m confident I can do this….but….IF I can’t “find” the money I DO have the option of making minimum payments for just the months of February and March and using the overage to knock it out.  I think I will see what comes of the wedding ring sale research and plan on revisiting my plan on Feb. 1.

Have a great weekend!

Closet Clean Out Makes $


I have been doing major cleaning around the house for the last month.  It is amazing to see how the house had really gotten away from me as I was trying to keep a relationship going.  I’m a pretty organized person by my nature but you never would have guessed that with the condition of this house!  It has been so eye opening to see just how much needed to be done.  On the surface everything looked okay but just below the surface, it was chaos.  It is empowering to reclaim my home. 

So, I’ve spent time cleaning out closets and drawers and such!  Talk about rewarding! From both the motivation to keep moving forward (and recognizing just how ick the past was) perspective AND the money perspective.  So far, my closet cleaning has yielded almost $500.  The list is long and I’m proud to report that I’ve had success with consignment shops, ebay and craigslist.  I had sold a few things when I first started blogging but now that I have the clarity, calm and time to do some very deep decluttering, I found a lot more.  There’s still more to sell and I just sell things as I have time (because it can be kind of time consuming) but I’ve put that $500 directly to the emergency fund for now.  I’ll sink it into debt ASAP. 

I’ve also made $1000 from my Pampered Chef adventures and that is in the emergency fund as well.

A reader pointed out I need to state an emergency fund goal.  As of right now, I am shooting for $2500.  With things being so uncertain right now, I’ll stick with that until I learn something different. 

I’ll be providing some details on my regular monthly bills soon.  It is hard to believe that December is upon us.

No spending…and we MADE money!


I know this is the second post in one day and that might be against some blog rule that I know nothing about but I had to share…

We made it!  We spent no money this holiday weekend!  I am SO excited.  After my last post I made us brunch and Steve only objected a bit…but quickly agreed to a home cooked meal.  That isn’t my main reason for being excited about today’s happenings though…

As we continued cleaning out the garage and closets Steve came upon a bag full of cell phones that’s he’s had over the last few years.  Have any of you heard of Sprint’s buyback program?  I sure hadn’t but check it out here:  https://secure.sprintbuyback.com/cns/ After Steve entered all of the relevant info on the model numbers of 5 phones we got our Sprint account credited $80!   I am SO excited!  That was FOUND money sitting in our garage and now we can put the $80 we would have eventually sent to Sprint toward debt!

We also FINALLY got items on craigslist and ebay (I know, took WAY too long to do that) so that will hopefully add to our income finding holiday weekend!

Wow.  I woke up feeling really frustrated this morning because I want the debt to go away faster…after the banking mess up earlier this month…we aren’t where I want us to be!  But the way this day played out ended up being a little shot in the arm to start the short work week!  Yippee!

Resale Shops


I have always been a fan of resale shops and I’m lucky to live around several great ones.  I used to be much better about taking my own stuff to them for consignment but I’ve fallen off a bit on that project.  I had to stop going to them in the short term b/c I find way too much stuff that I must have!  Right now the only self control I can exercise is abstaining entirely!

Our baby girl will be receiving her First Holy Communion on Saturday the 21st.  This is such an exciting time!  BUT talk about the opportunity to spend a lot of money!  Sheesh. Ridiculous really. Good news is she is wearing a beautiful dress she wore in a wedding last summer and thankfully it was big on her at the wedding and now she’s grown into it!  This was a wedding on her Dad’s side and his family took care of the original purchase price so we are definitely getting their money’s worth out of it.  I searched at a few of the local kids’ resales for a headpiece of some sort as DD is a girly girl through and through.  No luck in town but I did find a great deal on ebay and it arrived today!  She already has shoes from an end of season clearance last year that I bought big…and so with those shoes the total spent on her ensemble is $20.  That’s not bad at all.

We’ll have about 12 people attending and we have budgeted for the meal after Mass.  In fact, I think we put it in the spreadsheet back in March. Once again, I am thankful for the very good friendship I have with my ex-husband.  We have agreements on everything really-time, money, etc.  We do not exchange child support b/c the children are with each of us for what works out to be a pretty even amount of time.  So, we always split events like this 50/50 which helps everyone’s budget.  For other religious events we’ve had meals at the house but with my remarriage that has become somewhat more difficult (ex-in-laws aren’t nearly as pleasant as their son) so we have to go to a neutral place in order for our daughter to be best served.  I DID spend some time thinking about how to forego the celebration—but we’ve done it for all the boys…so the guilt thing got me.  We are going very simple and I’ve pre-selected the menu so we KNOW what we are paying going in and people won’t be left to choose from the menu.  We will spend $250 (divide by 2) for a nice Italian meal at DD’s favorite restaurant.

WOW!  I think before I started thinking I would have spent closer to $500  just on my own (without counting what her Dad would have spent) on this event–using a credit card of course.  That’s progress.