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Brace Payment Be Gone


Braces have been part of our lives for almost five years now. You can read some history in these two older posts.

A Car or Braces

Braces – Part II

But I am excited to announce that as of yesterday, all brace debt is GONE! Paid the final $460 payment!

(Braces were not in my budget as I have maxed out my FSA deductions from my W2 job and have been using it to make the payments since I started my W2 job in March.)

Man, this feels good!

Debt Update – February, 2015 – Hope


I think I will let the numbers speak for themselves.  If you want to see last month’s debt…you can find that post here.

Debt NameCurrent BalanceInterest RateMin. Mo. PymtOriginal BalanceStatus
CC Intro Rate - Retail #2$20883.99%$39$3500Retail #2 refinance
Personal Loan - Car$478612%$96$5000Car Sale Difference
Credit Card - Consumer$508013.90%$105$4,974Minimum Payments
Student Loan$32,8052.875%$0$31,687Forbearance until Feb.
Checking Account$00%$741Paid Off - Jan, 2015
Credit Card - Retail$025.99%--$2,265Refinanced - Dec, 2015
Car Loan - Accord$00%--$1,900Paid Off - Dec, 2015
Car Loan - NV$06.79%--$31,138Sold - Dec, 2015
Line of Credit$015.95%--$1,248Paid Off
Credit Card - Retail #1$00%--$413Paid Off
Property Tax$00%--$700Paid Off