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AAA Insurance – Is It Worth It?


While reading over at Stop Buying Crap, Cap asked if AAA Insurance is Crap or Not.

I bought it last year before my son and I took a 1,000+ mile trip by ourselves. He was 3 at the time, and the last thing I wanted to do is have to keep him calm and entertained in the event of a flat tire on a busy highway. I wanted the peace of mind that we could wait in our car until someone arrived.  The trip was also the reason we caved in and finally purchased a cellphone.

To me, the $48 for the year was worth it for that one trip. It saved me from worrying the whole drive. Now, I haven’t used it at all and my renewal is coming up in a few months.  I’m not so sure that I will renew it, but I have a feeling I will. That’s the thing with insurance. You have it and you may need to use it, but there is no guarantee that it will pay for itself over time.

I could try to get discounts at places, but if we need lodging we tend to stay at mom and pop hotels (cheaper and more character) and where we live no restaurants or entertainment places accept the card for a discount.

So really…peace of mind for traveling is all that we have it for. I guess it could come in handy in case my engine goes kaput in lieu of my car’s recent recall (which I still haven’t received official notice for).

In a few months I will need to make my final decision on whether $48/year is worth having it in case we need it.  So far I am thinking it is. Another site that may be worth checking out is insurance-how-to.com for some comparisons of AAA and a few other options.

Any thoughts?

An Interesting Thing I Learned about Aflac


In my quest to find life insurance, I took a look at Aflac since I know they have life insurance policies. My husband’s employer currently doesn’t have it, but perhaps he could be persuaded to look into it if a few employees expressed interest. So I went to their website to learn a little bit more.

I was surprised to see that you can obtain policies through Aflac as an individual! Last I knew you needed to have an employer participating to obtain a policy. I spoke with the representative this week and and received a few quotes on Term Life Insurance, Accident Insurance and Dental Insurance. Unfortunately, Vision is not available to individuals and that was one policy I was interested in (remember how my frugal glasses broke? I still haven’t bought new glasses yet).

The price for Dental seemed pretty high for us. My husband has teeth of steel and has never had a cavity in his life. My teeth haven’t been so fortunate and I’ve lost two molars since the birth of my son (I seem to remember hearing about the women in my family having problems with their teeth after pregnancy). If the insurance would help cover the cost of replacing my lost teeth I would be inclined to sign up. But the benefit was very low.

As for the accident insurance, that could be a good thing to obtain. But, most of it requires that you see a doctor for your injuries and we tend to take care of our own injuries unless they seem really serious. There’s one time I fell down my stairs and I thought for sure I broke something. It hurt so bad that it was the first and only time I smoked a cigarette in my house. If I had health insurance, I probably would have gone to the emergency room that night and who knows what tests and remedies I would have been given. In that case, Aflac probably would have been great to have. But since we do not have insurance, I toughed it out. I sure hurt for the next few days but I healed and had the biggest, blackest bruise I ever saw in my life!

The term life insurance was reasonably-priced to another quote I received through AAA Michigan. A big benefit of Aflac Life Insurance is that there is no health exam or blood test, just some questions. I am concerned that having an insurance company check our overall health could uncover something that could hinder obtaining health insurance (not sure if that’s true – but it’s a concern of mine).

One thing to note is that while Aflac does offer some policies to individuals, you will pay more than if your employer offered it. I learned a lot about the Aflac policies and if I had more money to spend per month and if I was a little older, I may be more inclined to purchase other policies besides term life insurance. Right now, our money has to be spent wisely and strategically used for things that help protect us in the event of something catastrophic happening. And that puts life insurance and health insurance at the top of the list of things to get.

I still have to read through all of the fine print, but I thought I would write about the individual policies in case anyone was thinking about Aflac but their employer doesn’t offer it.  This is by no means a recommendation about Aflac since I have yet to purchase their services. 

Still Searching for Life Insurance


Searching for life insurance shouldn’t be hard, but somehow I’ve made it harder than it probably has to be. I am just so cautious sometimes.

Here’s my dilemma, I need insurance without a physical or a blood test. I don’t have health insurance and I wouldn’t want anything being uncovered. My worry is then if there is something wrong with my husband or me it could be considered a pre-existing condition when we can get health insurance. Perhaps that would never happen – but so far I haven’t been able to find solid documentation otherwise. A lot of the “no physical” places almost seem like a scam (although I know they probably aren’t) but I am overly cautious.

Anyone out there purchase term life insurance with no physical and care to comment on the company (or even email it to me?). I could use a few thoughts from someone who has purchased from these companies before.


Bad Money Decision Confession Time #3


Over at It’s Just Money the question was brought up on whether you have a will or not.

I bet by the title of my post you already know my answer. I don’t have one. I don’t have life insurance either (but my husband has a small policy on him thanks to his parents long ago).

Both things I better get cracking on and get done. I think the biggest reason I have dragged my feet was because of the mortality issue. I hate thinking about death in all regards. I’m not done with what I have to do here on Earth just yet. But if the unthinkable happens, I don’t want my husband and son drowning in debt.

That leads to the next dilemma. How much life insurance to get?

I don’t want to go too high, because costs need to be kept low at the moment. I think $100,000 policies (at least) should be taken out on each of us so at least the other spouse can try to get their life back together with no debt.

Gosh, this is so depressing to even think about. But I guess it’s a fact of life that has to be done. I don’t want my son paying for mistakes that I made if I have the ability to avoid them. And I don’t want the court deciding who should raise him.

With that said – writing up a will and shopping for life insurance is my goal for the next week. This is too important of a matter to let keep sliding by. A thanks to It’s Just Money for bringing the topic up.