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Finance Charges Paid in March – $417.49


I’ve decided to add another section to my monthly reporting – finance charges. It’s one that not everyone may pay a lot of attention to unless they are keeping track of where their dollars are going. And when you do keep track – oh my…it is an eye opener.

It is so sad to see that I spent $417.49 in finance charges for March. But, by golly – it is so good to have it right in my face. I am ready to look this beast in the eye and defeat it (sorry – getting myself all pumped up here – think of the “Eye of the Tiger” song playing in the background as you review the report πŸ™‚

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March Credit Card Debt $37,039.99


I’m on the ball this month LOL!

Here’s my credit card debt for March

As you can see, Credit Card #3 has a HUGE credit. I was supposed to transfer from Credit Card #1 to Credit Card #2 but I transferred the wrong balance.

As soon as I get the refund, it is going towards Credit Card #2. And that’s where my tax refund is going as well.

Once those two refunds are applied – then the fun part comes with my “Master Plan” which I will explain later.

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Credit Card #5 Almost Paid Off!


I checked and yesterday my balance transfer hit Credit Card #5 (which, I just remembered I have to get my list of debt back up – that’s coming soon!). Probably this weekend I will sit down and pay the final amount due (around $30.00). Then, one of my credit cards will be paid off!

I am excited to get to that step. Most of it was due to a balance transfer, but it’s still a step in the right direction πŸ™‚

Now – any guesses on when my credit limit will increase on that card now that I will be paying it off completely? And this is the card that would not give me an emergency increase (the limit is $1,000) when we needed money badly. My guess is that by April 30 they will raise my limit πŸ˜‰

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Credit Card Debt = $36,900


I have my total debt listed, but I didn’t take a peek at what my total debt was for just credit cards. Needless to say, my jaw is hitting my desk. It didn’t seem like that much when it was all separated by card.

My house cost less than my credit card debt is right now!

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My Progress on Becoming Debt-Free


This is where I will keep track my monthly progress on becoming debt-free by month. Please note that this is just my credit card & Prosper loan debt. We have more debt than that, but we decided to tackle the worst debt first. If you’d like to see all of it, feel free to check out my profile on NetWorthIQ.com

Feb 28 = $37,614

Mar 30 = $37,048

Apr 30 = $34,070

May 31 = $31,429

Jun 30 = $31,020

Jul 31 = $29,655

Aug 31 = $28,163

Sep 30 = $26,996

Oct 31 = $25,854

Nov 30 = $25,191

Dec 31 = $24,398

Jan 31 = $23,517

Feb 28 = $22,192

Mar 31 = $21,777

Apr 30 = $21,315