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Freeze My Credit Card Please


I read a while ago a little trick to help curb impulse buying with your credit card. You get a freezer-safe container, fill it with water, place your credit card in it and then stick it in the freezer. The time it will take to melt so you can use your credit card will give you enough time to really think about if you need the thing you want to buy.

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A Gift From My Credit Card Company


I am part of an “appreciation” program with my credit card. I get so many points for every dollar that I spend with my credit card.

The other day, I got an envelope in the mail and it said “Gift For You.” I was thinking – hmmm….maybe they lowered my interest rate or increased my balance again.

I never would have imagined what was in that envelope!

It was a sheet of detachable magnets. On the magnets were words such as “joy”, appreciation, happy, simple things … you get the idea. I hate to be so cynical, but I really wish they would use the money I pay for finance charges to a better use than some magnets.

Fine…I admit it, I did play with them for a few minutes but that was it – LOL.

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How Many Credit Cards?


I have 5 credit cards.

Why so many you may ask?

Well, I started with one, got a large balance on it then got another to do a balance transfer. Needless to say…I didn’t pay off them off and I kept getting more cards to try to play the balance transfer game. Before I knew it I had 5 credit cards and almost all of them are maxed out.

I have 3 issued by one Credit Card Company, 1 issued by another and 1 issued by another. I believe I have a credit card from most of the popular companies. For some reason they wanted me. Why, I’m not sure. And I STILL get credit card applications in the mail saying I am pre-approved.

If they only knew! 🙂

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My Debt Started With A Candy Bar!


As a freshman in college, there was a table set up in one of the common areas of campus. Sitting at the table were the largest and yummiest looking candy bars displayed ever so nicely. Now, to a hungry freshman right before an hour long lecture in Chemistry – those candy bars looked awefully good.

They weren’t selling them though, – in order to get one you had to sign up for a credit card. Hmmm…get a credit card and get a candy bar? Seemed like a good idea. I signed up, got my king size Milky Way, and off to Chemistry I went.

A few weeks later I got something in the mail. I even forgot about signing up for the credit card. I open it up and I now have $500 that I didn’t have two weeks earlier. I looked at the card, put it in my wallet and realized that I now had alot of money that I could spend.

What a naive freshman I was. Naive about credit cards that is.

And that is the story of how my debt got started with a candy bar.

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