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T minus 1 week


We move in one week from today.  Everything that is going to storage has gone.  Everything we don’t use every day but needs to be with us on our Glamping Adventure is in big plastic bins, labeled and stacked and the last few things that we’ve listed for sale are on their last few days […]

Purging in Full Effect


We are just over a month away from moving.  It’s time to purge. TVs…listed on our local ‘garage sale’ sites. Books…sorted and boxed for storage, give away or sale at homeschool sale in May. Computers…restored to factory settings and listed for sale. And the list goes on. I don’t know what is coming for us…but […]

Budget Plan for Glamping


Many of the recent comments have mentioned how I am not paying off debt at this point in my journey.  They are right.  With little steady income over the four months, not even enough to cover my my typical monthly obligations, not only am I not making regular debt payments, but I’m having to pay […]