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Hope’s Monthly Budget – Fall and Winter, 2017


This is my current monthly budget. A debt update is coming up next. I think most of this is self-explanatory, but I’ve added a few notes below. Budget Personal Expenses Business Expenses Summary Allowance 400 Adobe 30 Total Personal 3634 Auto – Gas/Main 250 Cell Phones 286 Total Business 509 Auto/Rent Ins 315 Dropbox (annual […]

Hope’s Weekly Budget – Week of October 1


This is my budget for next week. While most are common, monthly line items, there are some unique items this week. See an explanation below. Rent 29-Sep-17 -650 Electricity 1-Oct-17 -125 Groceries 1-Oct-17 -400 Summer Camp 1-Oct-17 -500 Auto-Gas 4-Oct-17 -35 Water/Sewer 4-Oct-17 -75 Amazon 5-Oct-17 -400 W2 Income 6-Oct-17 1732 Allowance 6-Oct-17 -80 Debt […]

Kids and Money: Allowance


I’ve written several times about my kids and money. One of my main goals is to teach them all about money everything from managing their own checking and savings accounts to monthly budgets and even on to credit scores. I didn’t have an inkling about what a credit score was until I went to purchase […]