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Ashley L.’s BAD Introduction


Hi! I’m Ashley L., a 28-year-old, single teacher. I was raised in a southern, middle-class household and in an extended family comprised of almost 5 public school teachers. Growing up I, all I wanted to do was to teach. But I knew that I would not make much money and so I tried to plan for a modest lifestyle.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to become one of the new BAD bloggers and to share that story with you! I’m also pretty nervous because my debt story is from a slightly different point of view. I do not have tons of consumer debt. I was blessed to be able to earn a scholarship that covered the costs of my tuition for undergrad, then earned my M. Ed. from a very inexpensive program, and recently got $5000 forgiven from my student loans. This brings my student loans to a total of $8000. I have about $14000 on a car loan and was able to refinance this note to an interest rate of .99%. I have had some build up on credit cards, but was able to pay them off by cutting my living costs.

Last year, I was living in a small southern city with my boyfriend (who I am so happy to say is the love of my life) and my adorable rescue dog. Then the funding for my position at my school was cut. I was devastated. I felt pretty screwed over and eventually relocated to another city about an hour and a half away from my boyfriend and my “doghter.” This made me get intentional about my financial security and hyper-aggressive about my financial goals. I committed to being a woman and a teacher who is financially astute and successful. I do not want my life to be dictated by money, I want to dictate the flow of money to create my life.

I am currently trying to reach my financial goals of eliminating debt and reaching financial independence by: 1) eliminating my entire housing expense from my budget by house-hacking (frugality!), 2) renting out my primary house as a rental property and doing small side hustles (investments and additional income!), and 3) feeding money into retirement accounts (savings!). I am happy to share my journey with the BAD community and to be able to learn from and enjoy this opportunity.



  • Reply Kenny p |

    Hey Ashley. I like your intro and the perspective. I don’t comment much, but as a substitute teacher, seeing your financial independence journey will be interesting. You’ve got attention to read more and welcome.

  • Reply Laverne |

    No need for nervousness, I think you make a good fit and I’d like to hear more, especially about how you cut housing costs.

  • Reply debtor |

    welcome Ashley! Will be interesting to hear from someone also trying to build wealth as well as eliminate debt.

    Does this mean the Florida lady is gone?
    Dear blog owners have you ever heard of continuity, transparency, accountability and oh, this little thing called communication? I’ve heard it’s really important when dealing with groups of people and keeping them connected to something.

    • Reply Ashley L |

      Debtor- Thank you!! Yes, it is definitely a journey. And I’m fairly sure that me coming on board does not mean anyone is leaving, at least on my part!

  • Reply Angie |

    Debtor – Hopefully all is well with FL lady but I didn’t think she would last too long anyway.

  • Reply Walnut |

    Welcome! I’m looking forward to hearing about creative ways you are side hustling and cutting expenses. There are so many different ways to measure financial independence – can’t wait to see if there is anything you are taking into account that I need to add into my own calcs.

    • Reply Ashley L |

      Thanks Walnut! Yes, I actually just got a new side hustle that I’ll start next week- cant wait to share it with you and hear more about what you are doing as well!

  • Reply Kili |

    Hi Ashley,

    Welcome to BAD.
    Looking forward to your journey.

    Is single teacher a different word for substitute teacher?
    Are you looking into other teacher positions closer to your boyfriend?

    Looking forward to be reading more from y

    • Reply Ashley L |

      Hi Kili! Thanks so much! And no, I just mean that I’m not married. BUT- I did just get a substitute position as a side hustle that I hope to update you on next week! And good question- my friends ask the same thing about moving back closer to my boyfriend and I’m not sure yet. I would love to, but for right now I’m just going with the flow!

    • Reply Ashley L |

      Emily, thanks so much!! I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and hope you will share more comments, questions or feedback!

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